Partnering with Locu

Are you a web developer looking to attract more customers for your clients? An engineer looking to leverage Locu’s API? A designer working with local businesses? Good. You’ve come to the right place. We’d love to find a way to work together.

Publisher Platform

The Locu Publisher Platform empowers your audience providing them the most accurate content on local restaurants, spas, beauty salons and much more. Built on Locu’s innovative technology created by MIT graduates, the publisher platform enhances your brand, generates revenue, and is 100% free of charge.
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Website builders

Our merchants use us to help manage their menus and publish directly to their web and mobile sites, plus social sites and our partner sites. If you're a website builder looking to easily add menus and price lists to the web pages of your clients, look no further. Simply create a free Locu account and invite your clients when you're ready. Start Now .


If you're developing an app or software and need the freshest local business data available, we provide an API that offers deep access to menus and price lists. Hundreds of partners are already using Locu's API. To learn more, head over to the Locu Developer Portal .


We've worked with leading designers to develop an intuitive yet powerful template language and design editor that let's you create any menu design you and your clients may fancy! Best of all, it is optimized to work great in print as well as for web and mobile. Create your free Locu account and then invite. Start Now .

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